I'm Julie. I'm a photographer based in Lancaster, PA specializing in portrait, wedding and event photography. 

As a little kid, the magic of a camera left me awe-struck. How cool is it to capture a rare, fleeting moment and create something tangible from it?!  What began as a big dream has grown into a passion-fueled calling. Many of my most joyful moments are when I'm behind a camera. It’s a true honor playing a role in capturing some of your most joyful moments, too. My priority is to create photographs you will love and cherish for a lifetime- and to have fun while doing so!

Some other things I love: 

  • my favorite person & son, Sunny 

  • our three kitties

  • exploring new places

  • coffee

  • hanging out with friends & family

  • thrillers & comedies

  • breakfast foods

  • driving with the music up & the windows down!

  • colors, sounds, light, love & life

Your turn! Shoot me an e-mail, text or give me a call. Let's talk about you and your vision.